Hakol Mehalev  – The center that supports and brings joy to patients, soldiers and victims of terror

Activities in hospitals and family homes

The “Hakol Mehalev” volunteer activities takes place 365 days a year in the pediatric and adult departments of selected hospitals throughout the country:
• Orchestras and artists
• Volunteers perform to the patients and their families
• Parties in rehabilitation departments

Distribution of food baskets and coupons.

Aside from the costs of daily living, families are forced to cope with astronomical expenses for the treatment of the sick family member.
• The Hakol Mehalev organization provides financial support
• Distributes food baskets and vouchers
• Every Friday they distribute prepared food, challah and sweets for Shabbat

Medical advice and guidance

In Israel, medical consultation that arose from needs that where expressed to us during field work
• The best doctors and experts in Israel in all fields of medicine
• Experts give of their vast experience for no cost

Fulfilling wishes

Sick children have to stop the routine of living, and live through a painful and threatening world of doctors, treatments and fear of death.
Hakol Mehalev volunteers fulfill the wishes of the sick children and mobilize necessary services to continue the struggle for life:
• Amusement Park or other special attraction
• New laptop, tablet, iPad
• Special games

Current activity in various military bases

The organization has also set itself the goal to cheer and pamper the soldiers and the security forces who are sacrificing their lives to safeguard the Jewish people:
• Chanukah parties and candle lighting ceremony
• Distribution of Mishloach Manot and reading Megillah on Purim
• Playing an orchestra in IDF bases throughout the country

Food truck "Foodies & Goodies"

A food truck will distribute gourmet food to patients and soldiers in memory of Amit Ben Yigal

Rabbi Meir Bloch, head of the “Hakol Mehalev” organization, inaugurated a truck that will distribute gourmet food in hospitals and IDF bases in memory of soldier Amit Ben Yigal z”l.

For the first time in the world, a truck was inaugurated that will distribute gourmet food in hospitals and IDF bases in memory of soldier Amit Ben Yigal the HY”D.

The truck will be operated by the “Hakol Mehalev” organization, headed by Rabbi Meir Bloch.

Amit’s parents were touched, and wholeheartedly thanked the organization for the special gesture.

The father, Baruch Ben Yigal, promised to join once a week to help distribution.